Is the Royal Rumble a Shoot?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Every match you ever see, is planned. How they get the wrestlers thrown out, in the order they plan on getting them thrown out is a mystery, but the winner is pre-determined like every other match. Definitly Yes! Everything is planned from the entry order, to the eliminations to the actual winner of the rumble. The Term "The Luck of the Draw" doesn't apply to WWE. I'll give you a good example, Hulk Hogan somehow managed to draw number 25 in 1990, number 24 in 1991 and number 26 in 1992. It's impossible for anybody to be that lucky. The guys who are the most conditioned usually get the lower numbers most of the time. A good example of that is Ted Dibiase check these numbers out, 1990 he drew number 1, 1992 he drew number 2 and in 1993 he drew number 4. Ric Flair is also a guy who never got a high number and that's because he was in very good shape. How they decide who goes when and at what point is indeed a mystery, and there 30 guys to deal with! And I've got something else that will prove my theory on the Luck of the Draw. Check Big Show's history of entrants in the Royal Rumble. You'll notice that Big Show has always drawn a number in the 20's. And that's because he's a really big guy who can't last in the Rumble for too long. If the Royal Rumble wasn't a shoot then it was be nothing but chaos out in the ring.

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Q: Is the Royal Rumble a Shoot?
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