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anything is possible when it cames to boxing.

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Q: Is it possible to swallow your mouthpiece while boxing?
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What should you do when your mouthpiece is stuck on your trumpet without spending money?

The best way to remove a mouthpiece is with a mouthpiece puller. Most music stores will have a puller, and some will even pull mouthpieces for free. You will get a lot of other suggestions on how to pull the mouthpiece. The problem is, if you use pliers or other inappropriate tools, even with padding of some kind, you can damage the trumpet. The only relatively safe way to try it yourself is to hold the trumpet's mouthpiece tube (ahead of the mouthpiece) under the hot water tap for a couple of minutes. While doing this, hold a package of frozen vegetables, or the like, around the mouthpiece. The idea is to get the mouthpiece as cold as possible, and the pipe as warm as possible. Then, using a hot pad, try to extract the mouthpiece. This may or may not work (it does most of the time) but if it doesn't, it causes no harm to the trumpet.

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guys like swallow.

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Take a quick break, swallow, and continue.

How much does a trumpet mothpiece cost?

it depends on the size and brand, my 7C yamaha (an average mouthpiece) cost 40$ while my 14A4 schukie (mouthpiece made for playing high) cost 80

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What is the name of the piece you buzz on your lips while playing the trumpet?

The hamburger it sounds like you are referring to the mouthpiece.

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Yes. It's slightly more difficult because you're working against gravity, though. The oesophagus is a tube-like organ, and the act of swallowing squeezes the food through the tube to down to the stomach, or sideways, or up as the case may be.

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