Is it dangerous to be a soldier?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Is it dangerous to be a soldier?
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Where can you find essays in Hindi on the life of a soldier?

it is very dangerous

What actors and actresses appeared in Dangerous Times - 2013?

The cast of Dangerous Times - 2013 includes: Brooks Addis as Protester Jacob Crickenberger as Soldier

Why is Antony dangerous?

He is dangerous to the conspirators because he is a skillful orator, a seasoned soldier and a scheming politician, and because he has a lust for power. He's a lot like Caesar in other words.

What cause fratricide in the army?

There are several situations that can cause fratricide in the Army. One soldier may be a target because of his ethnicity or the soldier may have done something dangerous to put his whole division in danger.

How did the British soldier felt during World War 2?

they felt really frightened ans scared because its too dangerous

What was the most dangerous time of day for a soldier in Vietnam?

For airmen flying over NORTH Vietnam, day or night was dangerous. For GI's fighting in South Vietnam, night was always more dangerous.

How does Paine compare the summer soldier and the sunshine patrio with the that stands it?

Paine compares the "summer soldier" and the "sunshine patriot" with "he that stands it" because the "summer soldier" and "sunshine patriot" are weak and don't want to get involved in the war because they believe it will be very dangerous and they are afraid of loosing personal fortunes. While "he that stands it" would be a strong soldier that will fight through thick and thin of the war.

When was Soldier Soldier created?

Soldier Soldier was created in 1991.

When did Soldier Soldier end?

Soldier Soldier ended in 1997 after running for seven series.

When the tall soldier was running what was he looking for The Red Badge of Courage?

The tall soldier was looking for a place to hide and feign injury, so he wouldn't have to keep fighting in the battle. He was scared and trying to find a way to escape the dangerous situation.

What is a combat soldier?

A combat soldier is a military personnel trained and equipped to engage in direct warfare and combat operations. Their primary role is to defend their country, engage enemy forces, and carry out missions on the battlefield. Combat soldiers receive specialized training to operate and excel in high-stress, dangerous environments.

A Soldier can qualify to be an AW2 Soldier if he or she?

When can a soldier qualify for AW2