Is god and the devil brothers?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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One View:According to The Bible, God and the Devil, are NOT brothers.

Jehovah God is the Creator. Jehovah created many angels. These angels are God's offspring, or sons. One of those angels turned himself into a rebel son. The Devil is the cause of all the misery on earth.

Therefore God arranged for another one of his sons (Christ Jesus) to undo the works of the Devil. Therefore Jesus and the Devil are brothers, if-you-will.

Since mankind are also offspring of God, (we are physical sons; angels are spirit beings, non-physical); and since mankind are therefore brothers with the angels; we are also brothers of the Devil. We can choose to 'stand behind' Christ Jesus and the other angels; or we can 'stand behind' God's adversary, the Devil.

the devil was a angel who would not kneel down to human's so god had michael throw him from haven for disobeying his orders

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Q: Is god and the devil brothers?
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Is god the devils brother?

In some belief systems, God and the Devil are seen as opposed forces rather than siblings. In Christianity, for example, the Devil is considered a fallen angel who rebelled against God. So, they are typically not depicted as brothers in religious teachings.

Where can you find where the devil protected god?

Nowhere. How would the devil protect God when God created the devil? (Ezekiel 28)

Is there devil pray?

There is no such thing as devil pray. God said that devil pray is against God's law

who is better God or Devil?


Why was the devil made?

The devil was not "made." The Scriptural account is that the devil was originally created by God as one of His many good angels. A rebellion against God amongst the angels occurred - the leader of whom is the devil. The good angel was indeed made by God, but the devil (as he now is) was not made by God.

Does the devil kill god?

Devil and god doesn't exist; these are only stories for children or people without intelligence. No the devil does not kill god in christianity and the answer above is biased

What is the 80's movie where a guy makes a deal with the devil to be a rockstar?

Oh God You Devil. George Burns is God and the Devil.

What is better the devil or god?

Mt opinion is god. But saintinists are the devil. But Atheist dont have a religion.

What is the duration of God Went Surfing with the Devil?

The duration of God Went Surfing with the Devil is 2.07 hours.

Did the puritans believe in the devil?

duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh because god believed in the devil so they believed in god and the bible

Why did the parents of the Devil name their child the Devil?

The devil is a fallen angel and was created by God. The devil isn't his name.

When was god and the devil friends?

According to religious texts Satan was God's first angel or a son of God. So in a broad sense God and the Devil were friends and family.