Is carlito married

Updated: 12/22/2022
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No he is not married

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Q: Is carlito married
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What nicknames does Carlito Rodriguez go by?

Carlito Rodriguez goes by Carlito Machete.

Are primo and carlito brothers?

yes primo and carlito are definitely brothers. carlito is the oldest

Is carlito in Smackdown vs Raw?

Carlito is on Raw.

Does Carlito die at the end of carlito's way?


What is Carlito's real name?

Carlito's real name is Carlos Edwin "Carly" Colón, Jr.

When was Carlito Brigante created?

Carlito Brigante was created in 1975.

How old is WWE carlito?

Carlito is 30 years old

Is Carlito related to Epico?

Yes. Carlito and epico are cousins

What is the duration of Carlito's Way?

The duration of Carlito's Way is 2.4 hours.

Who signs Carlito's theme song?

Carlito sings his own theme song!

When was Carlito's Way created?

Carlito's Way was created on 1993-11-17.

What is the name of carlito's song?

do girls going carlito over and over