Is a sin if you like wrestling?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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God doesn't like Wrestling...he only likes boxing.

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Q: Is a sin if you like wrestling?
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When will WWE get sin cara masks?

sin cara maskes are actully copyed from japenese wrestling and they get his maks from japen

Did the wrestling wrestler sin Cara action figure come out in Kuwait?


Is watching mixed wrestling a sin as a Christian?

Depends on your religion but most religions agree that if it is sexual in nature, it is a sin to watch.

Who is WWE sin cara?

Sin Cara's real name is Luis Alvirde. He was known as Mistico whilst wrestling in Mexico.

How is the smallest wrestler on World Wrestling Entertainment?

rey mysterio or sin cara

Do all preachers think watching wrestling is a sin?

Not all, but some do because they fell it resembles fighting and violence, which is obviously considered a sin.

How many Americans like wrestling?

A lot of people like wrestling.

What does mainstream wrestling mean?

Its like old fashion wrestling no short cuts or nothing, like The Undertakers wrestling style.

Is sin cara retired?

no, he is ingered and hewill ruturn in April-July ( this includes May + June )

What is the shape of a sumo wrestling area?

a square. like a wrestling thingy.

What in the oldes sport?

Wrestling. Not like today's wrestling, but very similar

What is sinkaras real name?

Sin Cara (Spanish for "Faceless") is a professional wrestling character in the WWE which has been portrayed by two different performers:Luis Urive the original Sin Cara a.k.a Sin Cara "Azul" (Blue)Jorge Arias formerly the second, "impostor" Sin Cara a.k.a Sin Cara "Negro" (Black) that is now known as Hunico