Is Tyson Kidd of the WWE race Black?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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No he's not. The big clue is when you look at him.

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Q: Is Tyson Kidd of the WWE race Black?
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Will Tyson kidd be in WWE 13?

no go on wwe games and you will see x-pac john cena and epico and more it is awesome but no tyson kidd isent in wwe 13

Who is WWE superstar natalia dating?

Tyson Kidd

What is Tyson kidd's real name?

wwe superstar Tyson Kidd's real name is Theodore James (TJ) Wilson

Is WWE diva natalya a lesbian?

No, she is not. She has been in a relationship with Tyson Kidd since November of 2001.

Will Tyson Kidd be a DLC in WWE' 13?

No, he isn't. They just came out with DLC pack 3. That's the last DLC pack and there is no Tyson Kidd in any of the packs.

How does WWE superstar Tyson Kidd do all of his moves?

A lot of practise and training.

How much does WWE superstar Tyson kidd weigh?

As of November 2010,195 pounds.

Is WWE's Natalya dating anyone?

TJ Wilson also known as Tyson Kidd.

Who is dating WWE superstar Justin Gabriel?

He's Married to Tyson Kidd AKA Me :)

Is WWE superstar natalya married?

No but she has been dating Tyson Kidd for the last five years.

Who is Jackson Andrews from WWE?

Jackson Andrews is Tyson kidd's bodyguard but was sent back to FCW

Are natalya and Tyson kidd cousin?

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are married. The couple have been dating for a long time and recently got married. They are shown as an on-screen couple as part of WWE's new reality TV Show - Total Divas as well as on WWE Shows like RAW and Smackdown