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Yes. Sean Waltman is X-Pac. Thanx I knew it was him.

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Q: Is Sean Waltman A.K.A x-pac in AAA A.K.A Lucha Libre?
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Will Sean waltman every return to WWE?

No but maybe because the rest of the the kliq is in the wwe then maybe :) Nash is back so Why Not XPac

Is xpac gay?

The Former WWE wrestler X-Pac Real name Sean Waltman is not a homosexual nor has he ever been linked to male sexual partners in the past. His ex-wife Chyna started a rumor by insinuating he might be. He is currently dating Alicia Webb.

What is the name of adult film where mickie James appears?

She And Other Divas Have Never Been in Any Adult Films. Except, For Chyna. Except That was a Sex Tape With Her And Sean Waltman Or XPac

Is xpac the 123 kid?

Sean Michael Waltman who was born July 13, 1972 in Minneapolis, Minnesota made his debut in the WWF in 1993. He has wrestled for WWF (1993 - 1996, 1998 - 2002), WCW (1996 - 1998), TNA (2002 - 2003, 2005-2006) and also some others since then such as Wrestling Society X (WSX) which was a wrestling program on MTV.He has wrestled under the ring names of X-Pac, 1-2-3 Kid, 6-Pac, The Lightning Kid, Kamikaze Kid, Cannonball Kid, The Kid, Sean Waltman, Syxx, Syxx-Pac and X-Pack. {| ! style="white-space: nowrap" |||}

Did tripleh once date xpac?

no xpac is a man same as Triple h

When will xpac return to tna?


Was xpac from wwf a martial arts expert?


Is xpac coming back to wrestling?

no he went to TNA

Are xpac and chyna married?

No they have Never been Married....

Did x pac attemp to commit suicide?

Yes he did,But he is denying it.Unlike Chris benoit Xpac was Saved though.Its Because he was overated and hated,I am a fan of Xpac,So i have no Hate on him.

Will xpac return?

he will return at wrestlemania 27 or he will go to tna

When will china xpac and the outlaws return to WWE?

My guess is never