Is Muhamad Ali Blind

Updated: 12/9/2022
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No Muh amed Ali is not blind but as he can see well he comes to see his daughter box as she is a professinal boxer , and a champion to . But Muhamed Ali suffers from parkinson disease,and very badly to.

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Q: Is Muhamad Ali Blind
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What is muhamad Ali's hometown?

Ali's hometown is Louisville, Kentucky

Is muhamad ali mentally challenged?


Who would win OJ Simpson or muhamad ali?

definately Muhammed Ali. On words alone...

Did muhamad ali come from a big family?

no, just him and his brother rudi.

What two leaders expanded the Songhai Empire?

sunni ali and muhamad ture

Who seized power in egypted in 1805 and established a separate Egyptian state?

Muhamad Ali

Who is the three time heavyweight champion?

muhamad ali mike tyson lenox lewis evander holyfield

Why was muhamad Ali important?

He was one of the best boxers of his time if not the best. Wikipedia has whole biography read it.

How old is Muhamad Ali?

He turned "68" on Jan. 17 of 2010. Many more and happy years for boxing great, ex-heavyweight king, Ali!

Who seized power in Egypt in 1805 and established a separate Egyptian state?

Muhammad Ali seized power and established a separate Egyptian State.

How did muhamad ali get famous?

He was a great boxer. He also fought some unusual fights against non-boxers.

What was muhamad ali greatest fight?

probably the third frazier fight.+