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"It depends on the venue, system and other factors. Some Lucha Libre is an actual Martial Arts display and Wrestling. Other Lucha Libre performances are just that, performances."

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Q: Is Lucha Libre AAA fake like wrestling?
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Is lucha libre wrestling fake?

No its not fake because it has been used even before wwe Sorry but yes it is scripted just like WWE and TNA

Who made lucha libre wrestling?

There is no sole founder of Lucha Libre wrestling, because several wrestlers helped build lucha libre to what it is today. You got people like Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, Eddie Guerrero(R.I.P.), Chavo Guerrero, Psicosis, La Park, Hunico, Sin Cara, etc. who helped build the whole lucha libre wrestling style.The list goes on, there are so many talented Lucha Libre wrestlers who have helped build that style of wrestling.

Why isn't lucha libre in WWE?

WWE always favored a more "American" style of wrestling. Sorry, amigo, but it looks like you'll have to deal with Youtube if you want Lucha.

Is the twist of fate fake?

It's Like Anyother Wrestling Move It's Fake.

What does Rey Mysterio face look like?

Well if any1 ever tells you that he has a scar its a lie he weres it in honer of lucha libre look it up on youtube rey mysterio unmasked and you can see

Is Impact wrestling fake?

Well like 10% of it is fake but the other 90% isnt...wwe is waaay more fake

Is half of wrestling fake?

Yes pro wrestling is fake. How do I know well Im a pro wrestler myself. Been to wrestling school and everything. Here are the reasons how.Punches are 'pulled' wrestlers (if not stiff) make little to no impactSlams are as safe as they can beThere is an inch of padding under the canvasEveryone is trained to know what to do

Is TNA real or fake?

Well obviously all wrestling companies are fake. People like it for the entertainment.

How do you lose a fake wrestling match. How do you act like you lose a wrestling match?

It's all a script. They read it and act it out.

Is wreslig fake?

Wrestling like you see in high school, college, and the Olympics is real. Wrestling like you see in Friday Night Smackdown is scripted.

Where is the hurricane from WWE in 2011?

He has been wrestling in the independents like PWG, CWF and Luche Libre USA. he is out with injury at the minute though due to a motorcycle accident.

What does Nacho Libre mean even loosely translated?

Nacho is a diminutive of Ignacio, a common name widely used by Spanish-speaking people. The name is a variation of the Latin Ignatius and means fiery. The translation into English of the world 'libre' is free.' Accordingly, the proper translation of the movie's title is 'Ignacio the free man', which was Nacho's name as a wrestler. However, since the theme of the movie is 'lucha libre,' free [style] wrestling, the name could also have connotations to it. I personally prefer the former meaning because during the day Nacho was subject to the benevolent tyranny of the monastery rules, but in the ring he was free to be himself. I hope this help.