Is Kevin Rudd a NWO elite?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Yes, Kevin Rudd is a NWO elite. He advocated an Asian Union including Australia in early 2008 which is analogous to the European Union. (Other unions being proposed around the world are the North American Union, the South American Union and the African Union. These are all designed to divide the world up into homogenous, manageable sections so that the world can easily be ruled by the global government of this New World Order (NWO).) He is also advocating the fraud of carbon-driven 'climate change'.

There is no correlation between levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and temperature. Over the last ten years, carbon dioxide levels have increased, yet temperatures have fallen. In any case, carbon dioxide only accounts for less than 500 parts per million in the earth's atmosphere (ie. 0.05% or 5% of 1%). It is not present in large enough volumes to influence the climate. In short, carbon dioxide emissions are not causing global warming.

'Climate change', which used to be called 'global warming', is a fraud designed to extract maximum taxation revenue from the populace in order to disempower the populace and make it easier to set up a global government together with a world-wide police state. The line of reasoning will go like this, "All countries need to come together to tackle 'climate change'. So let's come together to tackle everything else (ie. establish global government)."

Fortunately, they're not going to succeed. Too many people already know that the whole thing is fraudulent.

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Q: Is Kevin Rudd a NWO elite?
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Kevin Rudd's birth name is Kevin Michael Rudd.

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kevin rudd is not a fabian

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Here is a picture of Kevin Rudd.

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Kevin Rudd is a Christian.

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Kevin Rudd belongs to the Labor Party. His real name is Kevin Micheal Rudd.

What is Rudd's middle name?

Kevin Rudd's middle name is Micheal (Kevin Micheal Rudd)

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Kevin Rudd represents Queensland.

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Kevin Rudd was born in 1957.

Who has the largest finger nails in the world?

Kevin Rudd Kevin Rudd

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Kevin Rudd comes from Queensland.