Is Kelly Kelly scared of Kharma?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Is Kelly Kelly scared of Kharma?
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Is Kelly Kelly scare of Kharma?

After Kharma debuted on WWE One Night Stand (Extreme Rules) 2011 attacking Michelle McCool to leave an intimidating footmark on the Divas Lockeroom...Thus, the next day on the Raw Brand where Kelly Kelly was scheduled in a matchup against Maryse... Kharma interfered and attacked Maryse which were Kelly remain unharmed... but a terrified Kelly appeared and caught everybody's attention, crying on the corner of the canvas.

Who is the most popular diva in WWE wrestling?

Currently is Kelly Kelly (10-11) However Kharma just came into the picture which might knock off Kelly Kelly even though she's not really a "diva"

How tall is Kharma?

Kharma is 5' 9".

Is the proper spelling karma or kharma?


When was Kharma International created?

Kharma International was created in 1992.

Is WWE kharma pregnant?

Yes,Kharma is pregnant! She will be back though. Kharma was released into the WWE earlier. But,she will be back sometime this year or in 2012. Sources:I'm a country,WWE fan,that loves Kharma to death! (;

What is the birth name of Kharma?

Kharma's birth name is Kia Michelle Stevens.

What is WWE superstar Kharma's real name?

Kharma's real name is Kia Stevens.

Are divas of WWE hot?

most of them are and most are not the hot ones are Kelly Kelly,Maria,Michelle Mcool,Maryse,Mickie James,Eve Toress,Rosa Mendas,the Bella twins,and Taryan Terrell.The ugly ones are Vickie Guerro and Kharma

Does bhuddhism believe in kharma?


Did WWE kharma used to be in TNA?

Yes, WWE diva Kharma work for TNA under the name of Awsome Kong

Who is the goodest WWE wrestler?

There are a few: John Cena The Rock Randy Orton The Miz John Morrison Some good Divas are: Natayla Maryse Kharma The Bella Twins Kelly Kelly