Is Jeff hardys dog jack dead?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Probably not because Matt Hardy would be arrested because in WWE Matt Hardy said he killed Jeff Hardy's dog.

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Yes Jeff Hardy's dog is dead

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Q: Is Jeff hardys dog jack dead?
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How old was Jeff Hardys dog when he died?

his dog died on march the 15 2008 he died by a house fire jack was killed and his dog was only 4 years old!

Who set fire to Jeff Hardys house?

It is believed that the fire was started by faulty electrical wiring.Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend Beth were not home at the time, but his dog, Jack, was killed in the fire.

What breed of dog is Jeff Hardy's dog Jack?

I don't know, but unfortunittly Jeff's dog Jack died this week in a fire! :( Jeff dog Jack was a Jack Russel :) but is too bad hes not here anymore :'(

Does Jeff hardy have a cat?

Jeff Hardy doesn't have a cat, although he does have a dog (whom perished when Hardys house burnt). I've forgot what the dogs called but you can find it on wikipedia. He doesn't have any other pets though apart from a hamster when he was young The dog that was in the fire.. His name was Jack

How did Jeff hardys dog die?

Either Jeff's brother Matt killed him when they hated each other in 2008-2009 or he died in Jeffs house fire

What was the name of laurel and Hardy's dog?

Jeff Hardy's dog name: Jack Jeff Hardy was really close to that dog. He has plans of Rebuilding his house in the same place He buried Jack in his yard. I will miss u Jack any companion of Jeff is a companion of Mine Rest In Peace Jack

Is Jeff Hardy's dog still alive?

no he is not R.I.P Jack Hardy!

Did one of the hardy brothers on WWE kill a dog?

yes Matt Hardy killed Jeff's dog Jack

What caused Jeff hardys fire?

I like the Hardys so much, and i really hate to say this (Jeff im srry if you are reading this) There is some speculation that Jeff was smoking and he didnt douse the flame right and tossed it in a trash bin full of papers, but that's just a rumor. I do not think it's real. That's totally un-true.During his 2 month probation,he was getting tatooed.Matt Hardy calls him and tells him that his houde on fire.It's been proven that Matt caused the fire.In the procces of burning Jeff's hose down,he killed Jeffs dog, Jack.Jeff was heartbroken about his dog's death

What happened to Jeff Hardy's dog?

Jack died when jeffs house burned down

Did Jeff Hardy get a new dog?

I that that part of the story line with Matt after killing Jeffs dog to be weak. Jeff after getting beat down , loses his world champions all because of Matt. Jeff only fights back when he kills his dog that's mad. Anyway i thing Jeff has a new dog cause he is loaded!!!

Does Jeff hardy has a pet raccoon?

Jeff LOVES animals. He has 10 dogs, an igwana, and a prairydog.