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Yes they're the same person


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No Goldust real name is Dustin Runnels. PS Cody Rhodes and Goldust r brothers

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Q: Is Dustin Rhodes and Gold Dust the same person?
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Ia gold dust really dusty Rhodes?

Gold Dust is Dustin Rhodes the son of Dust Rhodes and the brother of Cody Rhodes

Whats gold dust real name?

Dustin Rhodes The correct answer to this question is Dustin Patrick Runnels

What is the relation between Cody rodes dusty rodes and Dustin rodes aka gold dust?

Cody and Dustin are bros and dusty Rhodes is the DAD

How do you identify gold dust?

hes Cody Rhodes brother his name is Dustin Rhodes and that sould answer your quistion if you mean see his face than wash the face paint off.

Did Cody Rhodes die?

Cody Rhodes never really died there were you tube videos but they are false he is much alive and taunting big show right now is his prime target and gold dust (Dustin Rhodes) is his brother

Is goldust a girl?

yes gold dust is a girl stupid people June 2010 apparently you are the stupid one as Golddust is Dustin Rhodes a guy

Was gold dust really gay?

No. The Goldust character and Dustin Rhodes the person is not a homosexual. Rhodes was married to WWF star Terri Runnels during the 90's and had a child named Dakota with her. Goldust the character is just plays mind games with wrestlers and fans as told on WWE television.

What is Cody rhodes mom name?

Michelle runells. (Rubio)

Is undertaker related to gold dust?

no he is dusty Rhodes son also he is Cody Rhodes brother (in real life not in wwe)

Is the miz friends with Cody rhodes?

no the miz dosent have any bros gold dust is codys bro.

Who is stronger Jbl or gold dust?

Gold dust

What is golddust's theme song name?

The theme music used by Dustin Rhodes as "Golddust" in WWF/E was called "Gold-Lust". It is considered to be one of the greatest entrance themes in wrestling history.