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Q: In which arts frm are you likely to see a diva?
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In which arts form are you likely to see a 'diva'?


In which art form are you likely to see diva?

You'd be likely to see "A DIVA", or maybe a couple of DIVAS in OPERA! That's the origin.

In which arts from are you likely to see a diva?

Theatre, Film, and Vocals

In which arts form are you most likely to see a diva?

Tough diva has come to mean a performer who is very difficult to work with or thinks too highly of herself, the traditional meaning of the word is just an exceptionally talented woman. The term was most often used to describe women who performed opera, and is most often used to describe women who are musical performers. The term has been used to describe many top star in film, music, dance and in theater in recent years.

What is WWE diva Kelly Kelly official site?

go to there you can email her see wat she writes

Is WWE diva Victoria a lesbian?

yes she is.if you go on youtube you will see that Victoria and Candice were lovers.

Where can you go to see victorious justice?

hollywood arts

What does electronic arts and electronic arts bv mean?

from what i see it just means that they produce the international version of games

Did WWE diva Melina ever posted nude?

No she has not and according to her she will never! She has stated that her body is for her boyfriend to see not the whole world.

Should you say the Arts when referring to fine arts?

It depends. When speaking to a colleague or student in a fine arts program, I don't see why not, but when speaking to friends or what have you, I recommend Fine Arts, for that could be theatre, painting, photography, or whatever.

What physical improvements will you see after martial arts?

Reflexes and Flexibility

Polonnaruwa period arts and architecture?

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