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Everything is scripted in Wrestling, the lines, the action, and the fights. Yet, that doesn't nessicarily mean it's fake, they put their bodies on the line doing that stuff. Especially ECW, they do some pretty hardcore stuff. They try to make it easier for them to not get hurt, or else there would be quite a few deaths if wrestling was real.

In hardcore matches, just about. Of course, trash cans and stop signs are made of aluminum, but chairs are really steel, tables are real and not cut or anything, and ladders are definitely real. Belive me.

Most of the stuff is soft and tables are pre-cut, but as in the hardcore match in wreslemania22 (mick folly vs edge) it seems kinda hard to fake getting slamed into tacks or getting speared into a flaming table...

no everything is made of really soft material i know dis cos my mate is one of da cameramen and he had to clean up some stuff i fink it was jerichos highlight reel and he set up the hardcore matches he said "they were as soft as a bed"

if they are soft y do they go boom


i wouldn't say like chainsaws or knives are legal. but like everything wrestling relateed are legal.

like everything else in pro wrestling the matches are made to look as genuine as possible,after all that is their job--to tell a story and make the fans believe it---but logic says plainly that steel is harder than bone-- hit a man in the head with a base ball bat and it will kill him so these guys pull their punches rehearse the falls and bumps and get up and do it all again tomorrow

sadly mistakes happen some one will miss a mark or slip up and guys get hurt-- like wise occasionally you have an ego problem and some one will shoot (these guys don't last long cause they cost the promotion money)---------every wrestler in the business wants to leave that ring safe and healthy with ten thousand fans either cheering or booing his name-- that is where the money is-- pay to see them win,pay to see them loose they are looking for that pay day.

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Q: In a hard core match is everything legit?
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