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Well if you think about it, a body is not fully developed until around 25 and any damages to joints or bones will create growth deficiencies from the damages and cause them to stop growing earlier than they were naturally supposed to (ribs, wrists, joints, etc.). However, as far as height goes most individuals are there full grown height by 17 save for a few very late bloomers. So if you want to take the risk that you are not a late bloomer, 17 yr. old boxers will likely not be shorter than there non-boxing counterparts (when full maturity has been reached), however I do believe it could halt the growth and thickening process of heavily worn and damaged joints that arent fully developed, this occurs commonly in said athletic competition. In short, you may feel that you are at your athletic peak in the late teens but it may be worth it to consider waiting until you are done growing so as not to aggravate bone growth through damages. A boxer starting at 25 has missed years of experience yet is fully developed and has more potential than an underdeveloped misshapen athlete. I think rigorous training is in order but brutal competition should not be engaged until at least 23(that's when Marciano started, you do the math). Vitor Belfort, UFC fighter since teens fought Couture when 20. He's a shade over 30 and looks like a beaten and wasted fighter who's outbattled his bodies limits, possibly by fighting and being damaged before being fully developed.

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Q: If you start boxing at age before 17 will you grow less than you should?
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