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No, you become a convict.

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Q: If you kill a black belt do you become a black belt?
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What level do you become a black belt in ninja warz?

Level 31 is your first black belt

How do you defeat a brown belt in club penguin?

Become a black belt

Where can you get a DVD to become a black belt?

You cannot become a legitimate black belt through DVDs. To become a true black belt you must train with an instructor. You can learn many techniques from DVDs, but there are corrections and subtle movements that cannot be communicated through a video.

How do you become a black belt in one day?


How do you become a black belt?

Study and train with a good instructor. It takes hard work and 3 or more years to obtain a black belt.

How do you become a ninja on cp?

you have to vs sensei and get the black belt and win

Is there a cheat to become a ninja?

No. You must get to black belt and beat Sensei.

How do you get your beak black on Club Penguin?

become a ninja and than you buy the ninja costume (requires a membership)

Can someone give you a ninja acconut on club penguin?

nope you need to get black belt in card jistus and fight sensie then you become a ninja and then ppl will not be your friends they will kill you at Halloween bwhahahahahahaha jk

Do you have to be a member to get into the ninja hideout on club penguin?

no but you need to become a black belt

How do you beat the sensei on cp?

You have to become a black belt and me at

What do you do when your a black belt on Club Penguin?

You go to sensai and beat him to become a ninja!