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His punch was stronger than most construction grade wrecking balls and are the predecessor to what most of us know to be a chuck Norris roundhouse kick.

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I normally don't post on the net, but, when I read this answer, I had to figure out how to post.

No one, absolutely no one, except for one that has no knowledge of Ali, would describe him as having a "wrecking ball" punch. How stupidly silly can one be ? Ali lacked a knock out punch. In his generation, Foreman; Frazier; Norton; others could put one to sleep with a single punch. Even Holmes, a former Ali sparring partner, put Ossie Ocassio to sleep with a single straight left, but Ali was certainly not a member of the "wrecking ball" punch crowd. Ali was noteworthy for his boxing skills, certainly not for his punching ability. Ali's knock outs were the result of the cumulative effect of his punches, but a "wrecking ball", no way. He was a quintessential boxer, and not a stiker--he totally lacked a singular knock-out punch. Anyone that claims that is totally ignorant of Ali's career, history, and legacy. Briefly, if you want to demonstrate your stupidity about Mohammed Ali, then describe him as having a "wrecking ball" punch. What a laugh. His contribution and legacy is that of a boxer, not a "wrecking ball" knock-out artist.

The comparison to the the "Chuck Norris roundhouse kick" is similarly asinine. Chuck Norris, a stellar Tai Kwon Do black belt was the US champion points fighter for multiple years in succession--he was unbeatable. At that time (60s, 70s) points matches, were speed strikes, composed of lightning quick hand strikes. This type of match was sometimes referred to as "Fencing"--the first strike scoring the point, then the ref would reset the fighters for the next strike. The idea that Norris was noteworthy for his "round house" kick demonstrates a sublime ignorance of Mr. Norris's great fighting career.

Both Ali and Norton deserve to be respected and appreciated for their great fighting skills, and not become the simple-minded banter of the know-nothing.

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lefthanded--He was actually expected not to be anything.

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Q: How strong Muhammad Ali right hand was?
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