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Q: How signignificant was the wrestling match to the life of Okonkwo?
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Why must Okonkwo die?

Okonkwo must die because he kills another man. The justice of the white man is to take a life for a life taken.

How was the winner of the wrestling match treated in things fall apart?

Very well; for example, when Okonkwo threw the Cat (this happened before the book was written) he was considered some sort of hero for the rest of his life. Of course, until he is banished, etc...

What is Ekwefi's story?

Ekwefi was a woman who loved wrestling, and fell in love with Okonkwo when she saw him throw Amalinze the Cat. She wanted to marry Okonkwo, but at the time, Okonkwo was too poor to marry. She ended up marrying another man, Anene, but after a couple years she ran away from him during the night to Okonkwo. Okonkwo took her and made love to her in his obi. Ekwefi became Okonkwo's second wife. Her love of wrestling remained. She bore child after child, but they all died during their early years until she had Ezinma. She treated her daughter Ezinma like a sister, as an equal. She continued to have children with Okonkwo, and fathered at least 10 children with him. Ekwefi often drew Okonkwo's rage, and was beaten by him occasionally. After one particular beating near the Festival of Yams, she made fun of Okonkwo's lack of prowess with a gun. This remark earned her a near-death experience, as Okonkwo discharged the gun at her, but did not end up hitting her. During one day, her daughter Ezinma was taken by the oracle Agbala's representative Chielo late at night. Worried for her daughter, she risked the wrath of the Gods by secretly following Chielo around the nine villages and back to her cave home where she communed with Agbala, all in very low light. Her daughter Ezinma also came down with the Iba or fever one day. She feared for Ezinma's death, but Ezinma managed to be healed by her father, Okonkwo. After Ezinma's iwi-uya was found, she felt much more relieved. Ekwefi continued to stay with Okonkwo, following him in exile to Mbanta, and then back home to Umuofia.

What is Uchendu's reaction to Okonkwo moping around?

Uchendu is not sympathetic to Okonkwo's moping and encourages him to be strong and face his troubles with courage. He advises Okonkwo to stop dwelling on his failures and to take responsibility for his own life. Uchendu believes that wallowing in self-pity will not help Okonkwo move forward.

What aspects of unokas life and death make okonkwo despise him?

Unoka's laziness, lack of ambition, and inability to support his family during his life contribute to Okonkwo's disdain for him. In addition, Unoka's death, which is seen as shameful due to his debts and lack of titles, further reinforces Okonkwo's negative perception of his father.

What action of Okonkwo's causes his life to greatly change about midway into the novel?


What is the one passion that rules Okonkwo's life?

Okonkwo's passion is to be successful and respected in his community. This drives his actions and decisions throughout his life in order to avoid the shame and failure that his father experienced.

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Who is Uchendu and what does he tell Okonkwo?

Uchendu is the maternal uncle of Okonkwo. He advises Okonkwo to be grateful for the refuge offered to him by his motherland after he is exiled, reminding him that family and community support are crucial in times of struggle. Uchendu also emphasizes the importance of resilience and hope in facing life's challenges.

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