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As of May 7 2009 undertaker is 47 and whether he is married or not i don't know The Undertaker turns 45 today and he is divorced and dating Michelle McCool

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Q: How old is the under taker is he married?
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Is Under taker married?

yeshe is married to wwe diva Michelle mccool

How old is under taker?

Undertaker was born March 24, 1965, and is 45 years old.

How did the under taker become famous?

the under taker was famous when he joint wwf :)

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Under taker theme music?

the old fashinod doig i preferred it when it was limp biskit "keep rollin"

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Dose the under taker love someone?

yes he's married to sara calaway & has four kids gracey chasey gunner & luke.

Does under taker have a girl friend?

aparently yes the under taker does have a gf her name is lady gaga! no i am not kidding this is real

Who was Reinhard heydrich married too?

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Where is under taker from?

Houston, Texas