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In America, there are three sections of age groups.

The first section is the youth section. This includes:

Youth-8 (7-9)

Youth-10 (9-11)

Youth-12 (11-13)

and Youth-14 (13-15)

The second section includes fencers that usually are within the highschool- freshman in college years. This section includes Cadet (under 17) and Juniors (under 20)

Any fencer can participate in an age group older than theirs as long as they are qualified.

Once the fencer becomes older, the groups are determined by rating:

Division III (D, E or unrated)

Division II (C, D, E, or unrated)

Division I (A, B, or C)

Division 1a (A, B, C, D, E, or unrated)

In world cups there are three sections of Fencing:

Cadet World Cup

Junior World Cup

Senior World Cup

The Olympics only includes Senior fencing

European fencing age groups vary, but the most common consists of two:



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You should probably be older than 7. As for the top end of age, you can fence until you physically can't. It is best to ask the coach of the facility where you would consider fencing.

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There is no age limit! In fact, I know a fencing 6 year old.

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Q: How old do you have to be to join a Fencing classes?
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