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Q: How much does fedor elimenko make a fight?
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Bobby lashley brock lesnar?

Lesnar would beat Lashley. the fight we all want to see is Brock Lesnar vs Fedor Emelianenko i think bobby would win that fight and i would much rather c bobby vs brock than fedor vs brock

How much does Fedor Tyutin weigh?

NHL player Fedor Tyutin weighs 216 pounds.

Who does Anderson fight if he beats Forrest griffin?

He will likely be fighting Dan Henderson again. Bisping was to get the title shot if he had won the fight. He got knocked out...hard. Leaving Dan as the most likely contender. Think about it...Anderson is fighting Forrest because theres no viable challengers right now in the UFC at middleweight...AND his last two opponents at 185 really shouldn't have been in the cage with him. SO...they are moving him up to 205 to fight a talented and bigger guy so that fans don't lose interest in him. AND to re-solidify his status as the greatest fighter in the world. After the griffin fight..I think win or lose...he'll fight Henderson...though I'd prefer if he stayed and fought at 205 again...because I don't want to waste Anderson's remaining fights on rematches...I want to see new 185.... Then if GSP is up to it....a fight with him.... Then another fight or two at thinking Evans....and Rampage.... Then my personal DREAM fight.... I want a fight between Anderson Silva and Fedor...yes im not kidding.. Fedor is a very small his frame he should fight at 205...Griffin is bigger than Fedor.... So while Fedor would have a slight weight advantage....they would be close enough if they fought at 205.. And then finally Fedor would be exposed...for being completely over-rated.. I don't want Fedor to fight Brock...because Brock will destroy him by sheer size...NOT because he is a better fighter.... Brock isn't that great of a all really....he's just huge... If it was a contest of skill..Fedor would murder Brock...but its not.....not with someone Brocks size.... Its like with Mir..mir is a much better fighter than brock..but he cant compete in the size dept... I want the Anderson fight because Anderson is not bigger than him....and he would just be a better fighter period... Fedor is 10 heavyweight...probably...but he's likely close to number 7 or so out of heavyweights.... I think Couture would have a great chance against Fedor...even at his age now... People who I think would probably just murder fedor.... Mir Lesnar Anderson Silva Rashad Evans Carwin..would have a shot..(and he'll murder Cain) Gonzaga..possibly And maybe more..but I have to go and i cant keep rambling.. Cheers!

How much does Fedor Emilianeko weight?

233 lbs or 106 kg or 16 stone 10

How much does rich Franklin make per fight?

rich makes about $100,000 per fight .

If you fight at a cruiserweight how much do you make a year?

You make whatever your signed contract says you make

How much does rocky juarez make per fight?


How much money did juan diaz make to fight?


How much does Anderson Silva make in his last fight?

about 600,000

How much does Roger Mayweather make per fight?

2 mill

How much money does Librado Andrade earn?

Librado andrade how much did he make his last fight ?

How much are boxing judges paid per championship fight?

Judges can make anywhere from $1,000 for a smaller fight and up to $8,000 for a high-profile fight.