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Last fight being Shane Carwin, without sponsorships, he made $400,000 I think, and got a $65,000 Submission of the Night bonus. Guy makes a lot.

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Q: How much does brock lesner make per fight?
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How much money did brock lesner earn for ufc 91?

he was paid $450 000

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Lesnar would beat Lashley. the fight we all want to see is Brock Lesnar vs Fedor Emelianenko i think bobby would win that fight and i would much rather c bobby vs brock than fedor vs brock

How much does brock lesnar make?

Brock Lesnar reportedly earn an estimated $ 3 million for his fight with Frank Mir at UFC 100. He earned $400,000 in fight pay + PPV bonus. The UFC does not report the money that fighters earn as a percentage of the PPV buys, so this amount is & can only be estimated..

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How much do you make if you make a UFC debut?

It depends on your professional fighting history and win-loss record. It also depends on where you fight on the fight-card. People fighting on the main-card usually make a lot more money that those who fight on the under-card or the preliminary-card. People make as low as $5000 or so per fight and so, the amount of money you may make at your UFC debut may be around that number as well. More prominent fighters make a lot more money when they make their UFC debut, for ex: Brock Lesnar reportedly made $250,000 for his UFC Debut against Frank Mir.

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