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Some people spend quite a lot and some people don't spend much at all. For example, depending on your school, you might receive a free uniform when you enroll, or you might buy a fancy uniform on the internet. Tuition costs vary. One school near Portland, Oregon charges $79.95 per month. Sparring gear is available at different price points. Sometimes you can find it used on Craigslist. Expect to pay between $60.00 and$260.00 for a complete set of gear. Belt test fees vary from school to school, somewhere between $15.00 and $40.00. Belt test are conducted at regular intervals, but this also varies from school to school from every three months to every six months. You may or may not purchase supplemental training materials such as books or videos. These might be available at your local library. You may choose to enter the local tournaments. Entrance fees might be $50.00.

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Q: How much do people spend on tae kwon do?
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