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How Much The Superstars Get PaidHow much each wwe superstar gets pain in there career depends on which superstar it is. I can remember reading that in one year Triple H got paid roughly 2 million which included ten pravite flights on the private wwe jet, and all hotels payed for .... anyway hope that helps
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Q: How much do WWE wrestlers get paid during their career?
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How much do WWE wrestlers get paid in 2010?

a lot. maybe $1000,350.21 [estimate 2010]

How much were ECW wrestlers being paid before McMahon bought it?

two hundred and fifty dollars

When are WWE wrestlers paid?

after every match they have

How did wwf wrestlers get paid in 1990?

With money

What is WWE entrancw fees for wrestlers?

There are not entrance fees for the wrestlers, they don't pay to wrestle, they get paid to wrestle and they are paid by whatever their contract states.

Why do some WWE wrestlers get paid more than other WWE wrestlers?

Because they have more experienc and are a bigger draw

Do WWE wrestlers get paid to act in the ring?

Yes they all have contracts

How much does rey mysterio get paid?

Honestly, I get seriously ticked off about these questions. If you want to know the salary WWE wrestlers get, why don't you get a job as one?

How does a singer use maths in during there career?

he likes has to count how much money hes been given for being on stage or if being paid to do and advertisment and if he been given enough

Do WWE wrestlers get paid every week?

I think they do but im pretty certin they do

Who are the ton 10 highest Paid wrestlers in the WWE and in TNA wrestling?

Highest paid wrestler in WWE is Triple H.

How much do you wrestlers get paid?

Between $250,000 and $350,000 (not including movie gigs, photo shots, and special appearances which usually land them between $500,000 and $550,000 a year)