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Sorry i got this wrong before. Evander wasn't benching 170kg (375 pounds) for 12 reps with his heart rate at 180-190 bpm - It was 360 pounds (163kg) for 10 reps with his heart rate at 180-190 bpm in 1989, at probably around 210-220 pounds, as that year his fighting weight was at about 210 pounds, as the year before he became a heavyweight. I actually emailed holyfield management on Holyfields official website a few years ago about this TWICE!!??, but never got a reply (his heaviest bench and deadlift). I also know he could deadlift 440 pounds (200kg) for 10 or 11 reps, which i read on a website last year, don't know if it was with straps or not though.

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Q: How much can evander holyfield bench?
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