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John Cena wore about 1060 shirts

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Q: How many shirts has john cena wore?
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What color was john cena's first shirt?

He didn't wear a shirt, but he wore pink trousers, lol

What color John cena's shirt on his first time in wwe?

He didn't wear a shirt, but he wore pink trousers, lol.

What did the people in the medievals where?

most wore cloaks or robes but many also wore tunics a type of long shirt but peasants ussaly wore shirts similar to tunics but with commonly rope belts

What kind of shirts did girls were in the 90's?

I know that the wore smelly shirts covered in mud.

What was clothing the Apache Indians wore made of?

Women wore buckskin dresses and the men wore leather shirts with breechcloths.

What did they wear in 1700's in Delaware?

In the 1700s, people in Delaware wore slacks and shirts. Women typically wore dresses, shirts, and other modest pieces of clothing.

What did Crazy horse where?

He wore simple buckskin shirts.

What do Comanche wear?

men usually dressed in deer skin shirts,leggings,and moccasins and women wore a one piece deerskin dress with knee boots and wore deerskin "pouches"and rarly wore shirts(if the comanche wore shoes it was moccasins)

Did the mohawk Indians wear shirts?

yes they wore lots of shirts and they even ate them and burned them sometimes

What did kids where during the civil war?

the girls wore dresses and petty coats. the boys wore shirts.

What did the pioneers wear?

they usually wore bonnets like and button up shirts and they sometimes wore pants

What was the style of clothing for the 1940's?

The men wore holey pants and shirts. The women wore dresses.