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More than 14. These are the 14 official forms of the kukkiwon. The ITF has different forms. Schools which divide their curriculum into more than eight student grades will add forms such as Basic Form Number 1 to lowest belt curriculums.

  1. Eighth Gup (Taegeuk Il-jang) Symbol is Geun meaning the sky
  2. Seventh Gup (Taegeuk Ee-jang) Symbol is Tae meaning internal strength and external gentleness
  3. Sixth Gup (Taegeuk Sam-Jang) Symbol is Yi meaning fire
  4. Fifth Gup (Taegeuk Saa-jang) Symbol is jin, meaning thunder
  5. Fourth Gup (Taegeuk O-jang) Symbol is Sohn meaning the wind
  6. Third Gup (Taegeuk Yuk-jang) Symbol is Kahm meaning water
  7. Second Gup (Taegeuk Chil-jang) Symbol is Kahn meaning a mountain
  8. First Gup (Taegeuk Pal-jang) Symbol is Kohn meaning the Earth
  9. First Dan Black Belt (Koryo) Koryo's symbol is seonbae which means a learned man
  10. Second Dan Black Belt (Keumgang) Keumgang means diamond
  11. Third Dan Black Belt (Taebaek) Taebaek (bright mountain) is the name given to Baekdu Mountain.
  12. Fourth Dan Black Belt (Pyongwong) Pyongwon means a plain or a vast field of land.
  13. Fifth Dan Black Belt (Shipjin) Shipjin means longevity.
  14. Sixth Dan Black Belt (Jitae) Jitae means a man standing on the Earth looking at the sky.
The official ITF forms are as follows:
  1. Cheon-Ji
  2. Dan-Gun
  3. Do-San
  4. Won-Hyo
  5. Yul-Gok
  6. Jung-Geun
  7. Toi-Gye
  8. Hwa-Rang
  9. Chung-Mu
  10. Gwang-Gae
  11. PoEun
  12. Gye-Baek
  13. Eui-Am
  14. Chung-Jang
  15. Go-Dang
  16. Sam-Il
  17. Yu-Sin
  18. Choe-Yeong
  19. Yeon-Gae
  20. Eul-Ji
  21. Mun-Mu
  22. Seo-San
  23. Se-Jong
  24. Tong-Il
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Q: How many forms are there from white belt to fifth degree black belt?
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