How many fights did laila ali win?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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she is undefeated in 24 wins with 21 inside the distance, only because she stayed away from dangerous opponents such as anne wolfe

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Q: How many fights did laila ali win?
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Did laila ali win a gold medal?

yes she won 5 of them.

Which would win a fight marciano or ali?

I think that marciano pound for pound is better but,Ali is faster and was a better fighter with harder fights

How many world title fights did Muhammad ali win?

Ali had 35 titles fights, 26 for world titles and 9 with the North American Boxing Federation between 1970-1974.

Did ali win the big fight with fraizer or did fraizer win?

Well... I'm not sure what one your'e talking about, there were 3 fights between ali and fraizer, the first fight fraizer won in ko, the second ali won ko and the third ali won by ko in the 15th round. Hope this helps!

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How many world championships did Muhammad ali win?

Muhammad Ali won 56 bouts.

How many fights did Randy Orton win in his career?

303 wins

How many fights did Mike Tyson win altogether?

As a pro, 50.

How many fights did Alex Arthur win in his professional career?

Alex Arthur won 29 fights (20 by knockout).

How many boxing matches did Muhhamad Ali win?

Ali won 56 out of 61 Professional bouts.

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