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amir khan religain and

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Q: How is amir Khan's religion affected his life?
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How being a Muslim affect amir khans life?

it didnt

What affected every aspect of greek life?


What was one day religion affected puritan life?

I suspect it affected every day, not just one day.

What was one was religion affected puritan life?

People were punished publicy for commiting a sin

Why do you say that religion affected life in the byzantine empire?

because yes i´m rich jodete!! :)

What was one way religion affected Puritan life-?

People were punished publicy for commiting a sin

What happened to amir's mother?

Amir's mother died giving birth to him. This event deeply impacts Amir throughout his life as he struggles with feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

How did mission-life affect Native Americans' culture?

It affected their religion and customs because some things were not allowed.

What was one way religion affected daily for the puritans?

Religion affects our daily life because most of us pray every morning and every evening before going to sleep.

What was the one way religion affected purtain life?

People were punished publicly for committing a sin

How did hassan come into amir life?

Hassan is Amir's half brother. Hassan's father, Ali, was like a brother to Baba so he lived with Baba. However, Baba impreganated Ali's wife and had Hassan who became good friends with Amir.

How do you roger Williams ideas might have affected life in Rhode Island?

Perhaps it created an open minded attitude about religion. i need more INFO