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The bulls are moved from the ranch to the bullring in special crates or trucks designed to prevent the animals from being injured during the trip. They are held in a corral at the bullring until the morning of the fight when they are moved to small, separate pens under the stand waiting for the fight. When the bull is needed the gate to the pen is opened and the bull charges outside into the ring.

In some older cities, especially in Spain, bulls may be held in corrals outside the city and then either driven or forced to run to the bullring through barricaded streets. Pamplona is an example.

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Q: How does the bull get to the ring with the matador?
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What is the bull ring attendant called?

The bull ring attendant

What would a bull do if it saw a matador?

Chances are, if the matador was not threatening the bull, he would be ignored. If the matador approaches the bull and enters his territory, the bull will charge.

How do you use the word matador in a sentence?

"Matador" means "killer." In a sentence, you would need to use matador when referring to a person who is a killer or murderer: El matador estaba corriendo aldredor de la casa.

What will a bull do if he sees a matador?

The bull will do nothing if he simply sees a matador unless he feels threatened or is provoked. It that case the bull will probably charge the matador.

What is the time limit on bullfighting?

From the time a bull enters the ring until it is dragged out dead is usually about 20 minutes. Once a matador begins his faena - the artistic cape work preparng for the kill - the matador has 10 minutes tp complete the job. At 10 minutes a trumpet blast - aviso - is sounded as a warning. A second trumpet followed by a third at 15 minutes signals the matador to leave the ring and the bull is then led out of the ring and killed in the pens. This is an ultimate disgrace for a matador. Even a single aviso is a mark against the matador.

What is the person fighting the bull called?

A Matador

What is the matador's opponent?

a bull

Who kills the bull in bullfighting?

The matador kills the bull.

What do you call a matador's assistant?

The banderilleros assist the matador in the ring and help protect him and draw the bull away if he gets into trouble. He may also have a mozo de estoques who handles and cares for the matador's equipment but never enters the ring. He stays in the callejon but is always ready to provide a replacement sword or other articles if needed.

If the matador dies in bullfighting does someone take their position until the bull dies?

If a matador is unable to kill the bull because of a serious injury or death, one of the other matadores kills the bull. It is usually the senior matador who kills the bull and he does it with no fanfare.

What is the man who fights the bull in a bullfight called?

A horseback matador is a rejoneador. He fights bulls from expensive and specially trained horses. That is different than a picador. The picador is the torero whose job is to weaken the tossing muscle of the bull. He does not kill the bull and, therefore, is not a matador.

How do you use matador in a sentence?

The matador challenged the bull to charge at the red cape.