How do you throw ninja stars?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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While you can say in general 'like a frisbee' there are as many ways to throw them as there is to hold them and ways of moving the arm. A well trained individual should be able to throw the star in any way that they can. The most powerful way is with a sort of chopping motion with the shuriken held in the vertical position.

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Q: How do you throw ninja stars?
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Where might one find the proper technique a ninja should use when throwing stars?

There are many websites where one can learn the proper technique that ninjas use to throw stars. NinjaStars is a site that shows people how to throw ninja stars.

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Ninja Stars

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My game wont let me buy ninja stars (please improve)

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u jump and klick a dum! u press X and B, and it's kunai not ninja stars.

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