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Q: How do you solve fights between colleagues?
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How do you solve facebook fights?

bet that person up

What social interactions should you try to avoid when dealing with colleagues and customer?

Avoid badmouthing your colleagues when you are trying to solve a problem with a customer. Also, if a customer says the colleague promised something, verify, verify, verify.

What name means conflict between colleagues?


How do you deal with disagreements between colleagues?

Buy ear plugs.

What techniques can you use to create a good impression when dealing with colleagues or customer?

offer them a cup cake. cup cakes solve every thing :)

How do you deal with frenemies?

Don't get into fights and try to solve it and put yourself into each others shoes and try to be friends. :)

Does A little friendly competition between colleagues never does any harm?


What type of leadership invites colleagues at the same level to solve problems together?

Lateral Leadership pg 456 in Management - Leading and collaborating in a competitive world

What was the code duello?

A set of rules for fights between gentlemen.

What was code duello?

A set of rules for fights between gentlemen.

Were there any fights between Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato?

Not that we know of...

Are there 3 differences between a fokker triplane and a stealth fights?

yes there is