How do you see with you eyes closed?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Ok first coose your eyes open close open if you see Kane (wwe) then it isn't working but if you see the undertaker (wwe) then it works please tell me if it works

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Q: How do you see with you eyes closed?
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My Eyes Were Closed but now they see?

When your eyes were closed your eyes were shut. They now see because you have opened your eyes

What can you see with your eyes closed?

your eye being closed

If you could see inferred light could you see a glow from the back of your eyelids when you closed your eyes?

Yes, you would see a glow from the back of your eyelids when your eyes were closed.

Will you see a snake at a Mexican resort?

not if your eyes are closed

Is the color blue hard to see?

Only if your eyes are closed.

Who's animal can see when his eyes lid are closed?


What is the eye's job?

It helps you see stuff because if your eyes are closed can you see stuff?

How does Uxie see if he has his eyes closed?

Uxie uses psycic to see when his eyes are close

Is it all in my head when you can see your boyfriends mouth when you are kissing him and you clearly have your eyes closed?

No, it is not all in your head. When a couple is in the heat of passion (kissing) and they think their eyes are closed they may have them closed for seconds, but the eyes automatically flicker open halfway and that is how you can see his mouth. It is so natural you may not even realize this is happening.

Why you can see with open eyes and not closed eyes?

Well you do see when you close your eyes, just that your eyelids block near enough all the light so you cant see yet you can, if that makes sense...

Why do blind people keep their eyes open?

well, if they closed there eyes all the time they would not be able to see.

How do you see with your eyes closed?

you cant blind people need a dog or a stick