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For PD1, get to the main screen. Then, go down 4 times from the first option.

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Q: How do you save progress in project diva?
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Is there a manga for Project Diva?

There is no manga for the game Project Diva. However, there is a manga based on the same characters as Project Diva called Hatsune Mix.

For Hatsune Miku Project Diva Dreamy Theater do you have to have a psp?

You have to have the original Project Diva and a PSP with the game in it connected via USB to a PS3 with the software installed to play Project Diva Dreamy Theater.

Can PSP project diva played on PSP go?


Is project diva 2 for PS3?

No Japanese PSP game

Where can you buy hatsune miku project diva?

You can buy it at

Where can you get free download of project diva?

you're able to get a free download of project diva on 4shared, but you would have to make a free account. I just downloaded mine and it's just amazing.

How do you save your progress in Yoshi's Island Super Mario Advance 3?

Pause the game and select either "Save and continue" to save your progress and keep playing or "Save and quit" to save your progress and stop playing.

What is the difference between hatsune miku project diva 1 and project diva 2?

Project diva one has songs mostly featuring Miku. There are only about 4 len/rin cover songs on there. Also most of the models are Miku. In PD2, They focus on Luka, miku and len/rin. Also, the arrows and a "hold" not was added.

How is visual project are saved?

On the file menu click Save Project or Save Project as... When saving a project make sure you save the forms on the project. So that when you open the project the forms will open also.

Is there a project DIVA for ps2?

Sadly, no there is not. It's only made for PS3 and PSP.

Where to find English dub of God Diva by Ali Project?

Search it online

How do you save progress on call of mini zombie free?

You have to buy the full 1 dollar game to save your progress