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Q: How do you protect OD unit with mesh fencing?
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Why is my car getting hot were my shifts are od light is on but my od is off what does that mean?

od light is the overdrive unit on the transmission. If you drive on the freeway you should have the overdrive unit on, on the streets the unit should be off. The light usually doesn't have anything to do with overheating. I would look for some other issue.

Where should be outdoor unit of ac at level of indoor unit?

It is preferable to locate the OD unit above the ID unit to ensure that the oil does not accumulate in the evaporator over a period of time.

The congress under the articles od confederation could not provide an army to protect its military arsenal at springfield Massachusetts?


What should you check for on a 1997 Taurus lx dohc when the od light flashes on and off and it will not shift into od gear?

Have your OBD-2 scanned you can buy a scanner or if you can get it to move your local autozone will scan it for free Unless you are a transmission expert, take it to a transmission shop. There is a problem with the OD unit.

What is unit weight of 60 NB pipe?

The unit weight of a 60 NB (nominal bore) pipe depends on the material it is made from. For example, for a steel pipe with a nominal bore of 60 mm, the approximate unit weight can be calculated using the formula: Unit Weight = (outer diameter - thickness) x thickness x 0.024661.

What are the Sl units of distance?

There area many units used for measurement of the distances .But , the S.I unit od distance is meters ( m ) .

What does OD stand for EXample That's OD?

OD has 2 meanings you can OD(over dose) or the slang way OD(over doing it) OD also stands for "Organizational Deevelopment"

What does OD after a doctor name?

It stands for Doctor of Optometry (OD).It stands for Doctor of Optometry (OD).It stands for Doctor of Optometry (OD).It stands for Doctor of Optometry (OD).It stands for Doctor of Optometry (OD).It stands for Doctor of Optometry (OD).

Is motor oil a mixture od substances?

Yes... while the oil itself is pure, companies include additives to protect the engine parts from erosion or cold.


OD stands for outside diameter

What kind of Dr is an OD?

Typically, the abbreviation OD stands for "Doctor of Optometry."

What is the OD of 15 RCP?

OD. = 19-3/4" --- Bell OD. = 24-1/8"