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hold L

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Q: How do you pick up an item in ecw hard core revolution?
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What is homonyms of pick?

Homonyms of "pick" can include "pick" as in "to select" and "pick" as in a tool with a pointed end used for breaking up hard surfaces or removing small objects.

How do you throw things in Deus Ex Human Revolution for PS3?

Pressing the fire button that you would use to shoot your weapons will throw an item you have picked up. To pick up an item you use square. If you do not have the Move / Throw Heavy Objects augmentation upgraded you will not be able to pick up or throw certain large objects.

Are there cheats for diablo?

There are no cheats for 2, In the first Diablo you can Duplicate Items. you do this by first droping the item on the ground walk away but not to far you still need to see it then you click to pick it up but at the same time you pick it up drop a potion and instead of the potion droping the item will but it will also be in your inventory pick up the duplicated item an you will have two. If you drop the duplicated item on the ground with the original the duplicated item will be deleted. This cheat is extremely hard to do because you have to drop the potion at the exact time you pick up the Item but it is possible it just takes practice. For Diablo2 you can download a program called 'hero editor' which allows you to do whatever you want with a character. You can go online with these characters but I wouldn't recommend it.

Allitems on Nintendogs lab and friends?

There's no cheat to unlock every item in the Nintendogs game. To get every item, you must do it the hard way. Go on walks a lot, and make your dog pick up the prizes that are found in the street. You get toys a lot.

How long do you have to press a in order to pick up a item from the ground in Pokemon pearl?

It's not long at all, it's an automatic pick up if there's an item on the ground.

What is the item id for a diamond pick in minecraft?

The item ID for a diamond pick in Minecraft is 278. I have linked you below in the related links of a full list of all the ID's in Minecraft.

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Item to throw when you need it .pick up when you do not need it?

an anchor

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Where you pick up the item you purchase is specified separately from how you pay. So you can use the coupon on the website and pick up the item at a store or have it shipped to you.

An item to throw when you need it and pick it up when you don't?

A throw rug

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