How do you make yourself bleed?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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they cut themselves with a mini knife

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Q: How do you make yourself bleed?
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How can you make yourself bleed10 times on svr 09?

I'm pretty sure you can only make yourself bleed one time per match.

How do you bleed brakes on a 2004 Chevy 2500 truck?

If you have to ask how to bleed brakes, do not do it yourself.

How do you make yourself bleed more when cutting?

WikiAnswers does NOT give advice on how to harm your body. PLEASE do not cut yourself. If you have a problem, cutting yourself would not solve it! It will just make matters worse. Talk to someone that you believe could understand you. Again, please DO NOT CUT YOURSELF!

Does Xanax make your brain bleed?

No it does not according to medical research. But shrooms can make your brain bleed if you do it alot

How do you atract a vampire?

Shout at it.Throw something at it.If it is a bloodthirsty vampire you could make yourself bleed or throw some flesh blood around, it might come then.

Is it normal to bleed after whiping yourself?

If you are female and it's that time of the month then yes if your a me then no!

Can cancer make you bleed true the mouth?

yes cancer can make u bleed through tha mouth

Can punching yourself make you lose the baby?

No. You can never inflict that much trauma on yourself and if someone does it for you, you will be hurt before you abort. Your uterus can rupture and you can become sterile, have to have a hysterectomy or bleed to death. A healthy pregnancy is not that easy to remove. You have to see a doctor.

Can your belly button bleed?

if you poke it with something sharp enough.....try it and see for yourself!

What happens if your on your period and you wipe yourself and see blood but you don't bleed that much after that?


Does cocaine cause your nose to bleed and what other drugs make your nose bleed?


Do pillows make you bleed?

No of course not.