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There are several different ways to tell if someone is a gang member. The obvious ways are clothing and tattoos. For example, if you see more than one person hanging out and they are both wearing red or both have red bandannas in their pockets they are probably gang related. Also gang members often where shoe strings that are their gang color. Also if you see their tattoos and they have a pitch fork or a 5 or 6 pointed star or a crown these are gang identifiers. If you really want to be able to spot a gang member you just need to do your homework. And they are not always easy to spot. Today at the store I saw a Hispanic male with a shaved head wearing shorts with his white socks pulled up to his knees. I thought this guy was probably a sureno. Then he turned around and he had a blue bandanna in his back pocket and it was confirmed. He was telling everyone he is a sureno gang member by his dress.


if you really wanna know, dont be rude and just ask something like "where you from" and they will say a slang term for a city or name or some words that you might not understand. they will then ask you where you are from in a slightly threatening manner, and then you say something like "im not from nowhere i just wanna keep up on whos who" but say it how you really talk and not with a fake cholo accent cuz they will find that as you making fun of them and dont think they wont kill you if hey think your making fun of them. not all bangers are like they they may just beat your head on the pavement for disrespect. if your scared to do any of this, then you already have it in your mind that their a gang banger and treat them with respect and dont be rude and maybe even a little extra nice like you would a cop or something. you know, just dont step on their toes and be conflicting if your talking to them because not all bangers are crazy f..ckers but some are, and the real g's are the calm and collected ones while the baby gangsters get alot less respect

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Q: How do you know if someone is in a gang?
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What should you do if someone says hello to you?

Throw up multiple gang signs, if you don't know any. Just go on Youtube and type in gang signs.

Would you be friends with someone in a gang?

No they might get you shot or drag you in the gang with them.

What is the difference between a gang banger and a fake gang banger?

A fake gang banger is someone that's pretending to be a gang member. A real gang banger is a member of a real gang.

What do have to do to be a gang member?

Most of the time to join a gang, u have to commit some type of crime, such as shoot someone, stab someone, murder someone, or steal something. Most of the time for women to join a gang, they have to perform sexual acts on the men in the gang. I wouldn't recommend anyone join a gang, it's not worth it.

What is the definition of a gang shooting?

A gang shooting is a shooting perpetrated by a gang of some description. An example is a drive by shooting, where gang members shoot someone from their car.

What does it mean when you are affiliated with a gang?

This means that you are part of a gang, or friends of some one that is in a gang, or you know and take part in the gang activities.

How are the LIoNS gang?

They are a gang in kelso how are well know for their tagging and crime.

What is the difference between a gang-bang and a gang-rape?

Gang bang can take 3 different meanings:Rape of a person by multiple people. (gang-rape)Intercourse of a women with multiple men, consentually.Beating of someone by a gang member or gang members.

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I dont know how to ran a gang in gta4

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The typical word for someone who is in a gang (pandilla)in Spanish is pandillero (a gang member).

How do you you become a chain gang member in the nfl?

Know someone within the organization. Each team has their own crew, they only work home games

When you join a gang what do they give you?

You join a gang by doing something bad like killing someone or hurting somebody .