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Q: How do you get current superstars on legends of WrestleMania?
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Can you import ps2 svr09 superstars to PS3 legends of wrestlemania?

No I Have Tried

How do you import smackdown vs raw to legends of WrestleMania?

you have to go to the menu of legends of wrestlemania you know with game modes and exhibition from there you can import superstars from svr 09 if you have a saved data from svr 09

When did WWE Legends of WrestleMania happen?

WWE Legends of WrestleMania happened in 2009.

Who Can You Import To Legends Of WrestleMania And Who Can You Not Import To Legends Of WrestleMania?

you can import svr playerrs

How do you unlock the rock in svr 2009?

You can't. The Rock is going to be in the new Legends of Wrestlemania game coming out in March, but you can import superstars from LOW to SVR.

When was WWE Legends of WrestleMania created?

WWE Legends of WrestleMania was created on 2009-03-19.

Can You Import Arenas To Legends Of WrestleMania?

It is possible to import areas to the game Legends of WrestleMania. It is also possible to import players from other WrestleMania games.

What is the WrestleMania tour?

The WrestleMania tour is the week leading up to WrestleMania. Whatever city it takes place in, the WWE Superstars connect with the fans. Most of the superstars do autograph signings, interviews, and other things of that sort.

Is undertaker on legends of WrestleMania?


Is legends of WrestleMania for psp?


Legends of WrestleMania?

Legends of Wrestlemania is the latest video game produced by WWE. It contains many legends, including Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and more.

When will legends of WrestleMania be out for Wii?