How do you get a stronger punch?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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1. Clench your arm muscles.

2. Always keep your fists tight.

3. Allow your whole body to participate in the punch. Don't just use your fist to punch, also use your hips and put your left leg forward.

4. Try lifting weights. You will also need a full body workout.

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I would advise knuckle press ups and keeping your fist straight. Also try twisting your hips as you punch. Keep your fist lose to begin with and then tighten your grip before impact. Practise on punch bags and work on upper body exercises.


Before saying anything else, two safety tips:

  • Don't put your thumb inside of your fingers like you're holding it. This is an instant dislocated thumb on your first punch.
  • Don't stick the tip of your tongue between your front teeth - a quick blow on your chin will have you talking with a lisp for the rest of your life when you bite it off.

By punch it is assumed you mean punch and jab. Both are blows with closed fist towatrds an opponents face or body. The jab is usually delivered with the forward hand the punch from the hand held further back.

Based on physics the force of a punch or jab is dependent on the speed of the hand (F=Ma) so it is essential to develop speed in getting the hand in (and out as having your hand grabbed stops any further punched).

It is also necessary to deliver the punch in a direct line from your body so that the inertia of your body allows you to transfer more momentum to your opponent. A roundhouse punch takes more time, transfers less energy and alows your opponent an open target. The straight punch also lets you throw all your body mass (from the hips and stepping forward) into the punch.

The direct line also applys to the relationship of your hand to your lower arm bones. A bent wrist will let your hand fold back on impact reducing energy transfer and hurting or spraining your wrist.

Upper body strength for punches is essential for many reasons:

  • to increase speed
  • to allow you to keep punching for longer (it is hard work)
  • to supply more power
  • to add mass to your arms

Working out on the heavy bag (wear gloves or wraps to preserve your knuckle skin) and shadow boxing with wrist weights is useful. Get a partner to hod a target to increase aim and delivery. Punch from horse stance for 5 minutes with 5 lb weights in each arm as exercize. For both bag and target make sure you strike with the knuckles of the middle and index fingers.

A few final notes.

  • Punching hurts you as much as your opponent.
  • The bones as the back of your hand are quite delicate and will shatter if you hit to hard on something bony like the skull.
  • Don't punch towards the mouth, broken teeth will cut your hands and transfer potentially HIV contaminated blood and saliva into your fist.
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your punch will be stronger when r hitting on the face and chest of your oponent

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it depends what type of punch you are toking about you have to e more specific

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Q: How do you get a stronger punch?
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