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You must complete every task sensei give you. They are very hard but just don't give up. Some you might think are impossible, but that is not true because I am a black belt. Only because I tried. If you try your best like I did and alot of other millsberry citizens, you shall get it too. I wish you the best of luck in your journey towards you black belt! I hope the information I've given you has answered all of your questions.

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Answer: To earn a legitimate Black Belt rank, you must become a student of a Martial Art system under a qualified teacher, learn the skills required for that system, and pass the various tests over a period of 3 to 5 years (or sometimes longer). There are often fees associated with both the training (tuition) organization (membership), and usually at each promotion test. The cheapest fees are not necessarily the best deal, as you often get what you pay for, but a student should shop around to ensure that they are not being gouged by greedy profiteers who sell rank rather than legitimately teaching and certifying credentials.

Detailed information:

Remember that a "black belt" is a piece of material that can be purchased from a supply catalog for a small fee. What is implied here is how to attain the "rank" of Black Belt, which is something that should be legitimately earned. Each system of Martial Art has a unique curriculum with specific requirements for advancement in rank. The rank should reflect the level of skill and competency of the student. A Black Belt rank is generally viewed as being an expert, but has really only become proficient at the basics which form the foundation of the art, and is the beginning of learning the advanced skills acquired over decades, and are represented by various degrees of the Black Belt.

To earn a legitimate Black Belt certification you must first become a student of a qualified teacher. Then you must learn the knowledge of that particular system, and practice it repeatedly until the skills become smooth, natural, reflexive actions. In time, with dedicated practice, and the proper attitude toward learning, and respect of your seniors and instructors, the student may be recommended for promotion from one grade the next. There are typically about nine grades of progression, usually represented visually by the student wearing a colored belt, starting with a white for beginner, and progressively getting darker toward the black belt. The number and order of belts may vary, but this is not as important as the understand of the fact that the belt represents the knowledge, skill, and progress of the student along a path, and life-long journey of enlightenment.

When a student has reached the highest grade of the color, counting backwards to the number 1 grade, they are then eligible to be tested for the Black Belt level. Each color belt grade promotion requires participation in a physical examination demonstration of their skills, and may require a verbal or written knowledge portion of the test. The first level of Black Belt is typically the most demanding, and lengthy test since it often requires demonstration of any or all of the previous color belt knowledge, plus advanced skills. The exact requirements for promotion will vary from one system to the next, and might even be different within various schools or organizations teaching basically the same system. Requirements in any particular system are taught, and explained by the teacher, and might be available in book or video form approved by the instructors or masters. However, there may always be some elements that are left as impromptu, or surprise in order to test the Black Belt candidates ability to adapt, and function in unfamiliar circumstances.

[Supervisor's note: The above answer is general information that applies to most all Martial Art systems. If you would like to add detailed requirements for rank promotion in any one particular system (ie: Aikido, Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Kung-fu, Taekwondo, etc.) then please place that information on the discussion page for this question.]

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Since Millsberry has closed this will no longer do any good however:

what you had to do was go to the dojo to start out and get your white belt. Then to gain each next belt you had to complete a task and get your stats to a specific point, then you had to go defeat the game in a certain time period.

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You can get a black belt by attending a karate school. You must first advance through the ranks, obtaining all of the belts that come before it. It may take a few years of hard work to obtain a black belt.

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Q: How do you get a black belt from the millsberry dojo?
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How do you practice karate on millsberry?

you must go to the dojo while signed in and get a good enough score that it will count for you then when you go to the dojo and it says you have all the qualifications for the next belt, click on the sensai for the next belt, and repeat

Where on millsberry is it always summer?

the pool @ the dojo!

Who can issue black belt grading?

The sensei of the dojo.

What are the different belts at the millsberry dojo?

white yellow orange green blue red purple brown black i think

What do you do after you get black belt on club penguin?

you go to the fire dojo

Where is the secret room in the dojo on clubpenguin?

You have to become a black belt first then you can walk through the door on the right when you click on the dojo.

How do you earn belts on Millsberry?

Scroll down and click dojo. indianajones66

Help with Dojo on Millsberry?

In the toy store. You will find them there. Hope this helps!

Is the secret door in club penguin at the dojo real?

yes but you have to be a member and a black belt

How do you get to the secret dojo on club penguin?

To get to the secret dojo, you have to be a black belt, challenge sensei (beat him), and you will become a ninja. Once you beat him he will give you a ninja mask and tell you where the secret dojo is.

How do you play tkarate on millsberry?

Go to the dojo and click on Robin Sensei, then do whatever she tells you to.......

On club penguin how do you beat sensi in the dojo?

You have 2 b a black belt and by luck, it happens.