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You can go to type in wwe themes Jeff hardy new or old

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Q: How do you get WWEs Jeff hardy theme?
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Why is Jeff hardy in tna if he left WWE?

because wwes fake, sos tna but its not as fake

What's Jeff Hardy's theme's name?

Jeff Hardy's first theme song was 2xtreme.

Who sings Jeff Hardy's theme song Modest?

It is Jeff hardy himself

What is the Hardy's theme song?

Jeff Hardy's current theme song (in TNA) is Resurrected, by Jeff Hardy and Dale Oliver.*As of July 25th, 2012

What is the name of Jeff Hardy's theme song and who sings it?

The theme song for Jeff Hardy is No More Words and it is sung by EndeverAfter

Can you download Jeff Hardy's theme on your iPod?

Jeff hardys theme can be found on

What is Jeff hardy song called?

Jeff Hardy's theme song is called No More Words

Where can i find Jeff Hardy's tna theme song?

first go to youtube then click in wwe Jeff hardy tna theme song

What is the name of Jeff Hardy's newest theme song?

Jeff Hardy's newest theme song is Modest by Peroxwhy?gen. He uses Modest as his TNA theme song.

When did Jeff Hardy release Theme Song?

Jeff Hardy released Theme song in 2007. Jeff Hardy is a famous American wrestler and he is part of the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment, also known as WWE.

Who sings Jeff Hardy's entrance music on TNA wrestling?

Jeff Hardy's band Peroxwhy?gen does Hardy's TNA theme song. The song is sung by Jeff Hardy.

Who sings Jeff Hardy's new music?

Jeff Hardy sings his theme song. No More Words.