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First you join a Taekwondo dojang. Then you learn the basic kicks from your instructor, and when your instructor feels you are ready, he or she will teach the 540 kick to you.

The basic description of the kick is that it is a jump-spin hook kick where you rotate 180 backward on one leg (pivoting on your front foot), and jump with an added 360 degrees while fully in the air, and perform a spinning hook kick. If you need any more explanation than that, then you are not ready to learn this kick.

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A 540 degree kick is done by executing a 180 degree spinning hook kick while in the air, after having turned 360 degrees, also in the air, as a preliminary set up.

The best way to learn how to do a 540 kick is to have a qualified instructor teach you how to do this in person. Without proper training and guidance, injury can occur.

A student should first learn how to do the basic kicks, including a roundhouse kick, a hook kick, and a twist kick. Then the progression should be made to spinning kicks, jumping kicks, and jump spinning kicks. The 180 degree back leg spin hook kick must be proficient. Next, the 360 degree roundhouse "tornado" kick should become smooth and effortless. The "thunder" hook is another 360 degree kick that prepares the student for the 540 degree jump spin kick. If you can not do all of the above kicks proficiently, you are not ready to attempt a 540 kick since the components of a 540 kick include the movements of all of the aforementioned kicks.

Example of a right leg kick 540 kick:

The technique usually builds up momentum by stepping forward with the rear leg before performing the motions of a tornado roundhouse kick. With the left leg back, the left leg advances forward as you start to twist your body clockwise (to the right). Both feet are still on the floor. The right leg (now in the rear position) is lifted at the same time the right shoulder twists 180 degrees to line up with the target. The right hip is twisted sharply clockwise with the right knee turned in the direction of the rotation as though preparing for a right leg twist kick. The whole body goes airborne as the left leg follows around for what would ordinarily be a tornado roundhouse kick high in the air. The roundhouse kick is by-passed as it rotates closely over the right leg - both feet in the air. The right leg is then whipped around to execute a hook kick before landing on the left leg. After striking the target, the right leg then follows around, and lands in the rear position of a right back stance.

The 540 degree kick is considered a more advanced technique (usually performed by Black Belts), and is mostly for show of extraordinary ability. It is not a standard required technique, and would rarely (if ever) be used in competition or in real-life self defense.

(note: Although it is not a wise choice to learn Taekwondo via YouTube, you can see what the kick looks like by watching the youtube video link listed below.)

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Q: How do you do a 540 kick in Tae Kwon Do?
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