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Mr. Miagi said best block not be there. Or side kick him in the mouth and see how that works.

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Q: How do you defend yourself against a rush?
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How to defend yourself against allegations in court?

Get a lawyer.

How do you defend yourself against a DUI?

I would try

Can you Defend yourself against violent customers?

Any united states citizen has the right to protect themselves from harm. If you are in danger, you have the right to defend yourself, and this includes defense against violent customers.

How do you as a witness defend yourself against defence trying to impeach you?

Be honest.

How do you defend yourself against a man?

It depends who you are and what you know. It depends on what you are defending against and what level of force is justified.

You were assaulte what should you do?

defend yourself against the charges of the assaulted, or plead guilty.

How can you defend yourself against gangsters in school?

Uf u cant beat them join them

Is it against the New Zealand law to defend yourself if you're getting attacked?

No, but it is illegal to use excessive force to defend yourself.

How do you defend yourself against a civil summons suit for battery when you have limited funds?

Do what you think is the right thong to do.

What are some ways to defend yourself?

It depends on the situation. If you kick them in the balls you have to have the attacker close to you. I think it is a good way to defend against rape and a good way to escape from an attack.

If you go to court what do you do?

If you are a defendant you defend yourself, if you are the complainant you prove your case (against a defendant). This question is otherwise to ambiguous to answer correctly.

How could you defend yourself from a scaling tower against it?

i don't know that's why i am asking this website:D