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Answer By lowly whispering in their ear.

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Q: How do put a prank on a light sleeper?
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What is the duration of Light Sleeper?

The duration of Light Sleeper is 1.72 hours.

When was Light Sleeper created?

Light Sleeper was created on 1992-08-21.

When was Light Sleeper released?

Light Sleeper was released on 09/21/1992.

What was the Production Budget for Light Sleeper?

The Production Budget for Light Sleeper was $5,000,000.

How much money did Light Sleeper gross worldwide?

Light Sleeper grossed $1,050,861 worldwide.

What is a smart prank?

well i don't know how you feel about this prank but this always works for a heavy/deep sleeper you put an egg on they're hand and then put whipp cream on they're face and tickle they're face with a feather and they'll smack they're face with the egg and whip cream then u lay down and act like your sleeping.

How much money did Light Sleeper gross domestically?

Light Sleeper grossed $1,050,861 in the domestic market.

How do you prank text someone?

Put your underwear over your head and say "Hahahaha prank prank text ah prank prank test baby!"

Make a sentence with a light sleeper?

When I entered the house, he was sleeping.

Will a man feel the touch of someone while sleeping?

It depends if he's a tight sleeper. If he's a tight sleeper no he wont feel it, but if hes a light sleeper he will probably feel it.

One word for put on?

Prank, spoof .

How do i grope a light sleeper Like she might wake up even if i open the door too loudly but im not even sure if she is a light sleeper so and imma do no matter what you say?

If you decide to grope a light sleeper, have fun in jail when she calls the police for sexual harassment, you disgusting pig.