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In the WWE

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Q: How did Nikki Bella and john cena meet?
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How did nikki bella meet john cena?

In the WWE

How do you meet John Cena?

You can meet him at All Access (for WrestleMania).

When did Shawn Michaels meet cena?

In 2002 when John cena first debuted.

How did john Cena meet his wife?

they was high school sweethearts

If i meet john cena do you think he will sign my shirt?

yes if you meet john cena after the show he will sign your shirt but not during the show thanks from wwe production team member barnes

How is john cena?

He is one of the toughest guys u will ever meet

How do you get tickets and meet john cena in person?

I don't have a clue how to get tickets

Are you John Cenas friend?

No I am not john cena's friend but i wouldlove to meet him I am the real Batista and cena is my best friend and u spell my name like this Bautista

How tough is John Cena?

He is one of the toughest guys u will ever meet

Is the rock and john cena going to meet again in wrestlemania 29 next year?


Hass John Cena fully recovered from surgery?

John Cena fully recovered from surgery. A full recovery was one of the conditions he had to meet before his fight with Brock Lesnar on September 2014.

Does John cena have a real facebook account?

I'd like talk to John. About my son's wish birthday party John meet him there on august. In Douglas,ga