How did Dan the spider quirk die?

Updated: 12/7/2022
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Dan "The Spider" Quirk died after suffering fatal injuries at a UCW (Ultimate Championship Wrestling) event in Taunton, Massachusetts. After being thrown to the floor, Quirk's opponent Hi-Lite Kid went for a piscada but Hi-Lite Kid's foot became caught in the top rope, Quirk tried to compensate for his falling opponent by catching him unusually high, this would resuly in Hi-Lite Kid's ribs falling against quirks head and Kid's entire bodyweight forcing Quirk into the floor head-first. Quirk would be unable to use his hands to brace the fall and the entire impact of Hi-Lite Ki's fall was caught by Quirk's head, with blood visible on the floor, and the match was stopped. An ambulence was called, but all efforts to revive Quirk were unsucessful. According to eyewitnesses no mats had been provided outside the ring and may have been the deciding factor resulting in his fatal injuries. Hope that is enough.

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Q: How did Dan the spider quirk die?
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