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The basic rule in folkstyle is that you have to touch one knee to the ground before the slam. So when you pick him up and throw him, you have to kneel and touch one of your knees to the mat before he hits. Also, if you want to avoid being called for locking hands, you need to release your grip around him once he's on the floor.

And about slamming them on their's probably illegal. Refs in folkstyle are more stringent about potential neck breakers and stuff like that, so if you want to slam people on their necks, go into greco-roman and freestyle Wrestling.


For modified collegiate, or schoolastic (high school) wrestling, there are rule books that describe what moves are legal and what are not. Wrestling coaches will teach you what is allowed and what is not. Generally, moves that are potentially dangerous, and might injure your opponent are not legal. For example, headlocks are not legal, unless you include an arm or leg. Grasping your hands around the torso when on the ground is not legal unless an arm or leg is included. Full nelsons are not legal, but half-nelson, and 3/4 nelson are legal. Twisting a body limb for pain or submission is not legal, and an arm bent behind your opponent's back must not go beyond 90 degrees. When applying a "chicken wing" arm hook, your own hand must not rise above 90 degrees across your opponent's back.

Choking around the throat, or covering the mouth to restrict breathing is not legal. Striking, hitting or kicking is not legal. Slamming your opponent to the mat from a standing position is potentially dangerous, and not legal. If you lift your opponent, you are responsible for their safe return to the mat, however some takedowns might be a bit rough, so that is a judgment call on the part of the referee.

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Q: How can you tell if a wrestling move is legal in High school wrestling?
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